The Writer

The Writer (real initials JYN) is a Ugandan-bred penman whose work preaches life and death. A rustic offspring of a reticent village (Bukoova, Uganda), The Writer migrated to London (United Kingdom) at the age of thirteen. At once sensible, but alas, sinful: The Writer’s life is a tale too wretched to tell. As such, dear reader: kindly appreciate that among GOD’s dusty handiworks, there lives a sin-stricken creature called “The Writer”.

But you will say, who is this so-called sin-stricken creature called “The Writer”? And what hint is his visible aspect? May one learn a thing or two of his outward countenance?

Answer: A man’s eminence is his own snare; therefore, be content and politely appreciate that The Writer prefers to conceal his real identity under a pen name. Besides, this law of concealment is not only commendable (visit Luke 14:11; James 4:10), but wise and recommendable (study Proverbs 11:2, 16:18; James 3:13)!

The above unveiled and much more to reveal, I write. I diffuse Christian lines to bless The LORD JESUS CHRIST and Him crucified. Is the element of my heart not to preach life and death? Perhaps the portion for which I prayed: and am I not gifted by GOD to dance with pen in hand? Come then my skill, come at once and magnify the name of JESUS CHRIST. But wait, because time is swift; and no sooner is she with us than apace time is afoot: I shall keep you no longer than a humble request for a gentle salutation. Reader, if politeness permits, please receive my mild subscription:

I am yours in faithfulness,
The Writer