The Writer’s Rivulet is a Christian publishing creek which exists to add evangelical value to humanity. A stream of life and death, this brook flows to prepare interested souls for noble living and profitable dying.

Since life on earth is troublesome and unpredictable, and life beyond the graves is mysterious and everlasting: we act as a bridge to prepare the living for a virtuous and meaningful life on earth, and a blessed and unregretful life beyond the graves.

Naturally, our pacific channels drift to glorify The LORD JESUS CHRIST
and Him crucified (study John 3:16).

But mark: while everyone is welcome to visit The Writer’s Rivulet, not everybody shall profit by the waters of this stream: for this course is spiritually discerned!

And now dear visitor,
Is The Writer’s Rivulet a soothing spring for your soul’s refreshment?

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Gifted by GOD to dance with pen in hand, The skill of my ink shall magnify the name of JESUS CHRIST.
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